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AAF export horribly slow on Mac OS (M1 and Intel)

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Aug 07, 2023 Aug 07, 2023

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Been having a heck of a time trying to get reasonable AAF export times from preimere. Currently working on a project that requires us to export hundreds of 30min AAF's to protools. Trying on all mac machines, from a 2017 iMac, all the way up to a M2 Ultra. All the export times are between 40-70 minutes for a simple 30 minute embedded AAF! At first I thought I was crazy, but I tested it the exact same settings and same project on a Windows machine and it only took 3-4 minutes. 


We ended up spining a windows VM to bypass the issue, but at a loss as to what export times are essentially 10x on mac compared to windows? Doing standard breakout to mono, no video,  24/48 with 120frame handles and WAVE. 


Anyone else encounter this? Any mac solutions? Or just I just keep that windows VM humming for the forseeable future?

Bug Unresolved
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