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Adobe rush mobile application 50% data loss on import

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Jul 06, 2023 Jul 06, 2023

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The adobe rush mobile app import a video with about half the data and shows a horrendously mangled quality that is clearly  nowhere near the selected option. 1080x1920 looks like 540. It's disgusting and unacceptable. 

Samsung note 20. 

Premier pro customer for 2 years now for apparently half quality content. 

It's absurd to me that a massive, apparently well respected for some reason despite horrible customer sevice, tech company in 2023 is telling me I can't use the mobile app because it is completely insufficient, rips out half the data of a video resulting in 1995 era  quality exports.  Their solution: I need to upload to onedrive or other cloud storage because theirs literally does not work properly, download to a computer with premier or rush on it, then import to rush on that computer, then edit on that computer, then export to file explorer, upload back into onedrive, then download on my mobile instead. What a horrible unacceptable workaround. The funny thing is they said it's because of my device not their program, so why in the hell do I not lose any data or quality when importing to onedrive from the same device? It's just so clear that you all have no idea what your talking about when telling a customer what you assume is happening. Well you're wrong, clearly. I demonstrated this exact thing on a frickin recorded session and the devs still insisted it's the device. Just pathetic. Makes me lose all respect and faith in adobe as a whole knowing the devs can't understand a basic concept that I demonstrated ON RECORDING. 


You all need to get you product straightened out and stop making excuses and making  managers ask customers to file a full bug report disguised as a feature request. It's pathetic and pisses me of that I've paid you already, I'm just so over your poorly constructed and barely thought out horrible UI and UX not to mention faulty core functionality that one could argue is easily the most important actual feature of the product, importing the video without loss of data/quality/resolution. 

Bug Unresolved
Export , Import and ingest , Performance or Stability , User experience or interface






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