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Audio Pop Glitch after rendering

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Dec 11, 2023 Dec 11, 2023

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Hello everyone, I've been getting this problem for a while. After rendering I can randomly get audio popping through the file. This audio popping doesnt show up in the edit, and it's really random after rendering, some renders turn out fine, and some turn out damaged, without changing a thing.

You can imagine that in a 1 hour file, that can become a problem. We have been losing way too much time having to render and check for this multiple times after the video is done.


I'm going to give as much info as I can

Audio file: I recieve the audio as a mp4 from my client, since he use OBS to record his mic with some filters to make the quality better. Together with that, usually we have a soundtrack - m4a or mp3 file.


Render: I usually render using either the "Youtube 1080p Full HD" or "High Quality 1080p HD" presets, both can give the error. Rendering in Premiere Pro or using Media Encoder both can give the error.


Premiere Pro version: I have been using version 23.5 since that one gives me less lag than Premiere 24. But this error happened in a lot of versions during the year.

Premiere Pro audio effects: The only audio effect I use in premiere pro is a Hard Limiter.


My PC:

Windows 11
11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-11700 @ 2.50GHz 2.50 GHz

32gb RAM

RTX 3080


When checking for error, putting the rendered video again in Premiere, doesnt look like anything is different than an OK file.

Audio Problems Photoshop.png


I saw in another post, someone using Audition to check for errors, and I found this:

Audition - Damaged Audio Turnip Cup.png

There is a giant line right when the error happens (in 6:35,6).

Audition - Ok Audio Turnip Cup 2.png

This is the same part, without the error.

Another part in the timeline for the same video when an error happens:

Audition - Damaged Audio In New York.png

Error around 6:58

Audition - OK Audio In New York.png

Image without error to compare


Again, I havent changed anything between files, just have to render again and hope to get lucky.

Now I have two questions:

1- How can I prevent this from happening?

2- Is there a way to check for this errors after the render without having to listen to the file or to visually check in Audition? In a long file, visually checking for just a weird extra line can be hard

Thank you for any help

Bug Unresolved
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