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Autosaves on Adobe Creative Cloud does not work

Community Beginner ,
Sep 30, 2023 Sep 30, 2023

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Hello everyone,


Problem description:

I have a problem with my autosave files for my Adobe Premiere Pro projects. I no longer get multiple autosaves files for the same project name. Every new autosave overwrites the previous one with a new date in the autosave folder. I use Adobe Creative Cloud folder for my autosaves and the related application. 

In Adobe Creative Cloud app, I get the following message : 

“(Project filename) partially synchronized”

The problem occurs both when I am connected with my Mac or my PC (Windows) with Adobe .

At first I was alerted by a red triangle with an exclamation mark  at the end of my backup copy. Then I saw in Creative Cloud that there was a synchronization problem.


Solutions tried :

I tried every fix suggested in the Support community. 

I bought my new Mac on September 27. The problem started before, on September 25.

I tried different backup settings (20 or 50 autosaves, change autosave location, etc.) but obviously don’t reach anymore the numbers of versions to save that would overwrite the older version.

I tried to find my autosaves all over my Mac with the Finder in case they were saved in the wrong location.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled Premiere Pro and Creative Cloud.
I also tested whether there was a difference between the general autosave settings and the project-specific settings, but no difference or improvement.

I made sure there was no problem with a firewall or antivirus software on the Mac cleaning software. I have tried to suspend sync and any fix I found on this forum.


Gear and software:

MacOs: change yesterday to Sonoma 14.0

Max book pro Apple M2 2023 16Go, 12 cores, 101151.1.1

Modèle 14,10

Premiere Pro : 23.6.0 build 65

Adobe cloud app 

Project media files stored on an external drive
Project files stored on Adobe cloud folder

Licence is installed on two computers, my main computer is a MacBook Pro, the second runs on Windows. 


Here are a few screenshots of my system and the error messages I get. Please note that there is a high number of autosave folders and subfolders in different places on my Computer. I know it is not linked to my current problem.

Sorry for my English, I'm a French speaker.
Thank you for your attention,I look forward to hearing from you...



Bug Unresolved
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Community Beginner ,
Oct 01, 2023 Oct 01, 2023

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