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Bug or corrupt project file?

New Here ,
Mar 29, 2024 Mar 29, 2024

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Over the last week or so, Premiere has been doing something where the program monitor will just go black. I can still playback, hear audio, no other technical issues - just cannot see picture at all. Up until yesterday, it has been able to be resolved by doing a restart of my computer. 


This seems to only be happening badly on this one project. Others open fine.


Now, I can only get it to work for about 5 seconds before it freezes and does it again. Here are things I've tried:

- Updating my drivers.

- Rolling back to 24.1 (I'm on the latest, 24.3), which made matters worse. Couldn't even play the timeline. 

- Clearing my cache. 

- Changing my GPU acceleration on/off. 

- Opening a sequence from that project in another (working) project. When I do this, it's stuck in 'media pending' (though it will still playback the timeline with audio), and when I try to unlink/relink the media, Premiere crashes. 

Bug Unresolved
Editing and playback , Performance or Stability






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