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Can you make premiere slower and less intuitive?

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Apr 06, 2023 Apr 06, 2023

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I'm not joking. Can you make it even slower? I have rtx 4090 and this lags like sh*t. When I had worse cards it was almost equally slow. So a question from me - maybe make it even slower? All the way? Why make it slow if you can make it super slow?


Tell me at least what the hell am I supposed to do to have premiere not lag when I'm playing, moving on the timeline, adding things, tweaking effects and so on and so on and so on and so on?? Resizing takes 10 seconds to get applied. I have one of the beefiest PC configs possible and this still runs like if I was using a 2005 windows XP machine.


This is the second worst performing app I've ever used, first one is of course After Effects and don't even get me started on that. The lack of intuitiveness in premiere has been pi**ing me off since I started using it. Are you even using it at all? Have you tried using it? Ever? There's so many just simply stupid functions that are stuck in premiere and you don't even see them, because that's required in order to fix them. There are threads from 2015 with the same bug I'm encountering right now. I had to make you a video, push you, tell you exactly what to do for you to take any action on a bug that's been in premiere for YEARS. Glad you at least touched it, cause I see it in beta that it's fixed. Please for the love of God start using it or getting feedback from users who edit professionally and start fixing things. You're working on new features instead of fixing what's first broken. You are one of the very big companies in the world, you have resources, you can hire people that will work on fixing bugs - hire first people who will search for bugs, because you don't see them, because you don't use premiere on a regular basis. Is it really necessary for a user to point to you such obvious things?

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