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Creating Media Encoder Encoding And Ingest Presets

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Jul 04, 2023 Jul 04, 2023

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UPDATE: I found the workaround for this. As opposed to deleting the post I'm adding what I just discovered that allows this to happen as of version 23.5 just in case others come up against this absolutely ridiculous bug. Really, Adobe engineers?


I had to create the encoding presets from the Export dialogue of Premiere Pro. The Media Encoder UI for creating encoding presets is busted and broken. It looks like Media Encoder can only create Ingest presets reliably and as expected.




I want to create proxy presets for wide and vertical aspect ratios and I'm finding some difficulty and odd issues.


I created an encoding preset for 16x9 footage with no issue. I then created an ingest preset for aforementioned encoding preset again with no issue. Next, I need to create an encoding preset for 9x16 footage. The first weird thing I see is at the bottom of the dialogue window, the action is "Save a Copy" rather than "Create". I got to this dialogue window by clicking "Create New Preset" and then "Create Encoding Preset". A preset cannot be copied if it doesn't already exist. Am I missing something here? Ignoring that for a second, I proceed with creating the preset, clicking "Save a Copy" and now I see that Media Encoder created it as an ingest preset when I never shose to create an ingest preset. I have double and triple-checked my mouse clicks and even used the keyboard shortcut CMD+N to create a new encoding preset but Media Encoder always shows it to be an ingest preset. The screenshot attached shows this.

Bug Unresolved
Import and ingest , User experience or interface






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