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Detach Proxies Remain Linked Until Project Is Closed And Reopened

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Apr 01, 2024 Apr 01, 2024

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PPro Version: 24.3.0

macOS Sonoma 14.4.1 on M1 chip

A couple of bugs with proxies.


1. If a clip is added to a sequence/timeline BEFORE a proxy is created for said clip, the proxy is linked to the clip in the project bin but not the same clip on the timeline. All instances of the clip need to be removed from the sequence/timeline and readded for the proxy to be linked to the clip. Proxies were linked to clips in a sequence in real time in previous versions.

2. If the proxy is detached from a clip and then the proxy file deleted, the Link Media dialogue box can still be consistently invoked. The prevent the Link Media dialogue box from popping up, the project must be saved, closed, and re-opened.

3. Image Overlays are no longer burned into proxy files. I've been using the same PNG file for over 3 years without issue and suddently it never works now unless I manually create a proxy file outside of the Premiere Pro "Create Proxies" process. Dragging and dropping a media file into ME, choosing the ProRes Proxy encoding profile and destination folder, setting an image overlay, and begin encoding is now the only way to get image overlays to show on proxy media.

Bug Unresolved
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