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Edit/Import Page glitch prevents users from accessing most edit page functions

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Aug 28, 2023 Aug 28, 2023

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Important Note:

This issue is easy to resolve - clicking on the Edit page label returns the edit page to the expected functionality, it's predominately a confusing glitch which can trip up new users.

I mentioned this bug in passing during an ideas post about workflow issues with the new Import Page but didn't get around to writing up a bug report for it. A student stumbled across this bug again today and reminded me of it - so here's the report.



Users can end up on an Edit page where nearly all menus are disabled or greyed out. Users are also Unable to save their project, since Save and Save As are greyed out and the hotkeys mapped to the Edit Page will not work as expected.

Adobe Premiere Pro version number: (22.3+) Screenshots from 23.6.0
Operating system: Windows & Mac
System Info: N/A

Video format: N/A
Workflow details: N/A
Steps to reproduce:

  • With a project open, switch to the Import page
  • Now switch to the Home page
  • Select the Currently open project from the list of Recent Projects
  • You should now see the panels of the Edit page with the Import page squished into the top-left:
  • If you open a media item in the Source Viewer, the Import page interface will disappear - the unsuspecting user will think things are back to normal but they aren't. You're still technically on the Import page. The only indicators of this are that the Import label on the top left is highlighed and that the tabs are missing from the panel collection that the source viewer is being drawn in.
  • The effect is that unsuspecting users will try to edit as usual but most features will be greyed out and won't work as expected - for instance, you can't even save the project.
    Premiere-Glitched2-Screenshot 2023-08-29 105802.png

Expected result:

If you clicked on the Import page prior to going to the Home page and selecting the currently open project from the list of recent projects, you should return to the expected Import page.
Actual result:

You end up on what looks like the Edit page but is actually the Import page and most of the expected functions do not work.


If this post has been useful, I'd appreciate some eyes on my original post in the Ideas thread - particularly point 2. I don't feel that from a technical standpoint the issue I mentioned in that post is a bug, rather it's something that could be made clearer/less easy to accidentally do.

Bug Unresolved
User experience or interface






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