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effects and render ProResRaw not supported?

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Jul 12, 2023 Jul 12, 2023

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I've got an issue with ProResRAW files.


I've recorded with my Ninja V a ProResRAW file, (.mov). and simutaneously within my Sony FX3.

on the Clip there has been a Projector Screen, which caused a lot of flicker, because I'm in Europe i used PAL, but it seems like the Projector was 60HZ, but that is another topic.


The Problem here is: i tried the Plugin Flicker Free on it, and the flicker seems like to be gone, when i scroll my timeline it looks good. But once i render it, the video (frames) are jumping back and forth. So i thought i've lost 149 dollar for the plugin, but i made a support ticket to the flicker free plugin guys, and noticed this:

in order to blur the faces out of the video, because of GDPR reasons, i put a gaussian blur effect on it. and a similiar issue appeared. the effect is jumping arround, even i've done the effect frame by frame.


By then i tried flicker Free on my SONY clip -- AND it WORKED just FINE without any problems.


SO for my understanding? --> PRORESRAW is not really SUPPORTED by Premiere anymore? Or is this a BUG? i do not unterstand.



Bug Unresolved
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