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Frame glitches in sequence project and exported video

New Here ,
Apr 23, 2024 Apr 23, 2024

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I'm having troubles with video editing / exporting / rendering? I don't really know how to describe my issue. In the pictures there's some frames damaged during the editing somehow. This 'effect' (which is not an effect) appears magically and I don't know how to finish my video.
I was filming a party at night with a GoPro, raw footage looks just perfect. I work with with a brand new M3 laptop and I don't really think it's a computer problem. I had the same issue with the other pc and this appears only in a high contrast footage (like bright lights in the night). I even upgraded a camera, still didn't helped.
In post production, working with premiere pro after some time these frames appeared not only in the exported edits but also on the sequence. RAW footage is clean and there's no glitches like this.
I'm pretty sure It might be some settings in Premiere but I don't know what to google or what actions should I do?
P.S. don't tell me to swith to Davinci Resolve. Every program has its own issues. I just know that I'm doing something wrong but not sure what 😕


Bug Unresolved
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