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HDR Image changes luminance when changing HDR Graphics White in the Preview Window

New Here ,
Oct 16, 2023 Oct 16, 2023

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Premiere Pro version 24.0.0 Build 58

2021 M1-Max 14" MBP, 64GB RAM

MacOS 14.0 Sonoma

Apple Pro XDR Display in Reference Mode (HDR Video P3-ST 2084)

Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K Extreme with Flanders XM310K



PQ images changes luminance in program window when changing HDR Graphics White setting and text effects are added at 10k-nits instead of following the HDR Graphics White setting.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Add PQ clip to sequence

2. Confirm PQ clip and sequence are set to Rec.2100 PQ

3. Confirm Display Color Management and Extended Dynamic Range Monitoring are selected

3. Add test patch clip to sequence and display the 100-nit PQ test patch

4. Measure test patch in Program Window

5. Change HDR Graphics White setting


Expected Result:

Test patch measures 100-nits


Actual Results:

Test patch measures 49-nits when HDR Graphics White is set to W203

Test Patch measures 100-nits when HDR Graphics White is set to W100

Test Patch measures 30-nits when HDR Graphics White is set to W300

Lumetri Scope shows test patch is at 100-nits with all HDR Graphics White settings.


I also tested this using my BMD UltraStudio with my external reference monitor and the 100-nit test patch luminance remains stable, so this seems to be an issue with the Mac displays.


Text Effect layer in PQ not following HDR Graphics White setting

Steps to reproduce:

1. Set HDR Graphics White to W203

2. Add Text Effect Layer above video clip

3. Set Text to full white


Expected Result:

Test patch displays at 100-nits and text is displayed at 203-nits


Actual Result:

Test patch displays at 49-nits and text is added at 10k-nits (measures 1k-nits because my XDR monitor is in the 1k-nit reference mode).


I attached some screenshots using a 100-nit PQ test patch (so it can be screenshotted it correctly) with different HDR Graphics White settings so the change in image luminance is visible and see that Text Effects are added at 10k-nits.


Bug Unresolved
Editing and playback , Effects






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1 Comment
New Here ,
Oct 26, 2023 Oct 26, 2023

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I'm also seeing this issue. Could someone shed some lights on this topic?