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Hi Adobe, I have a list of bugs

New Here ,
Jul 04, 2023 Jul 04, 2023

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- When opening premiere it doesn't remember the order in which you had timelines open, also sometimes closes timelines you had open.
- Often forgets your adjustments you do in effect controls right after you do them. especially if you use 'tab' and 'enter'.
- When loading a keyboard, it doesn't load it exactly. It has some keys still set as they were by default.
- Multicam timeline is sometimes muted when loop playback is enabled.
- When you make a preset of warp stabilizer, and you apply it to a clip, it doesn't automatically start analyzing.
- LUTs sometimes look different/better in Resolve. How is that even possible?
- Premiere always saves every change you make to a workspace instead of just when you tell it to.
- If you change the position of a clip in effect controls. the crop effect doesn't move with it, like if the crop effects a nested sequence.
- When setting the 'still image duration' it doesn't work immediately.

Bug Unresolved
Color , Editing and playback , Effects , Graphics , Import and ingest , Sound






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