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Inconsistent warp stabilizer times

New Here ,
Mar 09, 2024 Mar 09, 2024

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I sometimes have problems while applying warp stabilizer, but one that has me puzzled out is the inconsistent analizing times. They vary wildly, without apparent reason, an are not related to content or format. They're usually consistent in the same session, but they change from day of work to day of work.
I'm going to put the example of my most recent project, a music clip with short cuts of 3 seconds more or less.

1. I have a sequence in 4k, with settings and size that mirror the recording clips. I'm working with proxies.
2. Yesterday, I stabilize a couple of clips, 10 more or less. Some of them where nested sequences, cause time remapping, some of them where not. The analyzing time for all of them was the same, fast and painless, maybe 5 to 10 seconds
3. Today, to finish the project, I had to stabilize 3 more clips, one nested, two not. This two took the same time as yesterday, but the nested one, it struggled with it. Like... 1 to 2 minutes to stabilize 70 frames.
4. For the sake of it, I made some experiments with other clips. So, lo and behold, today it has decided that nested sequences, time remapped or not, are going to take 10 times more to analyze that unnested sequences. It's consistent, independet of characteristics of the clip, duration, or complexity. Today is this way, but other days is the other way around: nested sequence take less, and unnested it struggles. Other days it struggle with all of them, and another ones with neither.

It could be some weirdness with my sequence, or my computer. But this behaviour, I've seen it across multiple projects, and in different computers. I'm trying to find a logic behind this cause for today's project it's not a big deal, but in larger ones it had been a pain in the past.

Anyone has encountered this, or has any explanation?

Thank you!

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