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Issues with 23.5 and 24 - H.264 Exports

Community Beginner ,
Nov 07, 2023 Nov 07, 2023

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Hi All,


I'm hoping someone here might have some insight. 


Adobe 23 and 24 have been unbearably buggy for me across the board - way more issues than I can get into here. The last two years have made me question using Adobe as my primary NLE and frankly, I'm moving away from Post-Production work as a result of dealing with the bugs in Premiere and AE - I'm just tired of pulling my hair out and operating at a snales pace. I've tried just about every combination of studio drivers and software editions from 23 onwards - despite this, I haven't found something that works well. (I would do 22 but my juniors and clients run newer versions of the software). My primary version at the moment is 23.5 build 56. Currently running the most up-to-date studio driver - NVIDIA 546.01


Here's the primary bug I would like to find a solution to. 


When exporting any footage to H.264 I am forced to export as software only - this started with 23 for me. Prior to this - a 60s clip would export in a few seconds - now I'm looking at 8+ minutes. Some of my projects are procedural and involve exporting 100+ clips - obviously, this is currently a major problem.


This problem occurs in H.264 with all resolutions - coming from all footage types - all encoding types, all profiles, and all color spaces. It does not occur with H.265.


I'm listing my system specs below. I also use an M.2 Macbook Pro Laptop for on-location editing (still buggy but less so) - but the laptop can't easily handle primary editing on projects over 6tbs. Frankly, the studio desktop is wonderfully powerful and runs flawlessly for all non-adobe applications (Davinci, Bender, Autodesk, Etc.) I would really love to find a solution that can make this all manageable again. Please help.



OS - WIN 10 64x

MB:  ASUS ROG Strix X570-E

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5960x -- x64

RAM: 128g

GPU: 3090Ti - 24g

System: M.2. 2tb Samsung

Cache: M.2. 2tb Samsung 

Footage - 3x Internal 10tb Baracuda Pro Drives (7200rpm)

Playout: BMD Intensity Pro 4k (currently not enabled on Adobe applications - due to a separate bug) 

Additional Connections - Tangent Designs Elements Panels (although I can't imagine this has a performance impact on H.264 encoding)

Bug Unresolved
Computer configuration , Editing and playback , Export , Performance or Stability






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Nov 07, 2023 Nov 07, 2023

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@RjL190365would be the expert on this.


I know many AMD processors don't have internal long-GOP bits, like some Intel CPUs do. I'm on a Ryzen 3960x, myself.


So it depends on the CPU, and some GPUs, to get that faster "hardware" acceleration for H.264 encodes.


And of course, no hardware at all can do 2-pass with "hardware acceleration". Not with any app.