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Jumbled Audio File in Premiere after upgrading to MacOS 14 Sonoma.

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Nov 11, 2023 Nov 11, 2023

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I have been working in a project using Premiere 23.6.2 on MacOS 13 Ventura, and after my computer crashed this week, Apple repaired it and upgraded me to MacOS 14 Sonoma. I also downloaded a Premiere update, so for the past few days I've been working on Premiere 24.0 on MacOS 14 Sonoma.

The files were all in the same place on the finder level, as I am working off an external ssd, and I noticed that one of my audio files was completley jumbled up. I unlinked and re-linked that audio file to no avail. I also downgraded my Premiere to 23.6.2, but the same issue was happening in the previous version.

I unlinked the file again, and re-named the file on the finder level. After re-linking with the re-named file, the audio seems to have reset back to noraml and the issue was solved. I believe this was an issue with MacOS 14 Sonoma and Premiere, but I could be wrong.

Bug Unresolved
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