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Loud/Screeching Audio Bug in Premiere 23.4.0

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May 13, 2023 May 13, 2023

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During playback, I'm sporatically getting an extremely loud screeching/static noise from some clips, even though they've played back normally for weeks.  


Example video is attached.  (TURN VOLUME DOWN BEFORE WATCHING)

My computer volume was set as low as possible so you can imagine how jarring it is when it happens at full volume.  This is reminiscent of the Adobe/Mac blown speaker issue back in 2019.


Troubleshooting -

- It does not happen everytime.  But it will happen playing back in both the timeline and the source monitor.

- The specific audio file that's causing issues currnetly is a 44khz stereo WAV file, so I've tried replacing it with multiple variations (48khz stereo, 48khz mono, AIFF, etc) and no change.  You can see the audio mixer levels show peaking happening only on one audio channel (in this mono version, it's on the empty one but it happened on the stereo version too). 

- I emptied my cache/pek files, no luck.  

- I went to Audio Hardware and turned Default Input to "No Input".  No luck.


Anyone experience anythign like this?  I'm really worried it's going to be blow my speakers - or give me a heart attack, since it's so loud and random.


Adobe Premiere 23.4.0

Mac M2 Pro Max, 64gb memory, Ventura 13.2

Bug Unresolved
Editing and playback , Sound






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