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Match Frame to Multicam clip very slow when using Mercury Transmit

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Dec 10, 2023 Dec 10, 2023

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When I match frame to a regular MOS clip, that clip shows in the source monitor immdiately.

But when I match frame to a multicam clip, there is a very noticeable lag.



This only happens with Mercury Transmit on. WIth it off, the multicam is instant (I'm using Mercury Transmit on a 1920x1080 DELL Monitor)

This happens to all multicam whether 1, 2 or 3 cameras.

This problem happens even when my media drive is offline, so it doesn't seem like a drive issue.


I'm currently on PPro 24.1 but it was the same on 24.0.3 and also on 23.6.

This didn't happen in 22.6. I downgraded the project and tested it there.


Using Productions Workflow

Working on a macbook Pro (M2 Pro with 16GB RAM), running Ventura

Media drive is an external USB-C  running about 250MB/s read/write (but problem persists even if I test it on a Samsung T7 SSD)

Clips are Prores LT. All audio is 48khz .WAV from a field recorder (usually 5 tracks)


I would dearly love to be able to download and install 22.6 on my assistant's machine. I know there have been major developments in 23 and 24 but for me they have come at great expense: laggy timelines, and now this. There is somehting wrong when a software update makes other aspects of that same softare worse. Please, pretty please with a cherry on top, can somebody in engineering please send me an installer for 22.6 for Mac?


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