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MOGRT playback behavior changes in recent versions of Premiere Pro

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Jun 26, 2024 Jun 26, 2024

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Mogrts we created and used in previous versions of Premiere now behave differently when used in anything higher than Premiere Pro version 24.2.1 for Mac. We do not see these issues in previous versions.
The built-in Mogrts Premiere seem to function fine but is very basic in function. Since there is so little documentation on MOGRTs, I am curious if something has changed within Premiere or AE to cause these issues. Maybe we need to create our templates again in newer versions of these applications.

These are some of the things our team has experienced when testing newer versions of Premiere Pro


  1. Extending the duration of a MOGRT with a starting animation also stretches the duration of that animation  - previously, the animation was unchanged (protected or not)
  2. Unwanted, buttery smooth extreme slow motion of some MOGRTs that occur in the timeline or sometimes only in the export from media encoder.
  3. MOGRT media saves to the local Premiere Pro directory even when the project settings have the scratch disk set to the project location—in this case, a SAN.

    I know there are a ton of factors to consider here, and I can expand more on anything that is helpful. For now, we will keep a few versions back. I just think it's wild that I get no search results for this issue when we can replicate it easily enough with custom mogrts pulled from a shared CC library. This occurs across a mix of Intel MAC Pros and Apple silicone Studio workstations. On Ventura and Sonoma.

Bug Unresolved
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