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Multi-monitor workspace disappears after encode

Community Beginner ,
Jun 23, 2023 Jun 23, 2023

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I'm using three monitors. 

The left monitor is used as a fullscreen video playback.

The middle monitor and right monitors hold the Premiere Pro interface.

When I go to encode a video, the interface windows on the right monitor disappear and do not reappear once encoding is finished. I have to reset my workspace each time to get things back.

This is the first version of Premiere where this has happened.


Typically, they stay will either stay put, or reappear once encoding is finished.


The only time I've had issues with multi-monitors in the past is when starting a new project. Premiere never remembers my preferences, and when I ask to reset to my workspace, things still are off. I basically have to reset the interface on my right-side monitor each time I start a new project. It's always been this way. Once things are set for a project, they stay where they should.


My video card is an Nvidia  GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, using the recommended 516.94 drivers.

My monitors are 3 ASUS VP28U 4k monitors.

This is the before:desktop.jpg

This is the desktop after, you can see the success message in the lower right of the middle screen.

desktop after.jpg


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