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Multicam | Black Output after deactivating a clip

Community Beginner ,
Apr 20, 2023 Apr 20, 2023

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I edit a lot of multicam footage. And my workflow is, that I correct inside of the nested MCs. So that the footage is more or less equal.


And now to the problem:

This clown company Adobe is making the software Premiere Pro is getting worse every year. But what stays concistent for years is,  that if I deactivate 1 layer inside the multicam sequence, forget to activate the layer again and go back to the sequence the where the MC is used the previously deactivated multicam cam stays deactivated and outputs black even the layer is already activated again. 


The fix is to close the project and open it again....how could that be the fix...


How can this bug stay in the program for over years. It occures on every machine I use. 

Could anybody please also tell me if there is a real customer service in that whole system, where you pay a lot of money for and not just a message board (aka community) where you hope to maybe get some help? Or is Adobe just concentrating on losing users to Resolve?

Bug Unresolved
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