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Multicams in Production not updating

Community Beginner ,
Sep 04, 2023 Sep 04, 2023

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Help needed pls,

Running Adobe 23.5.0 on windows.

We are working with a couple of Editors in a production. We started with making Multicams in a project (project a), and these are used in different projects inside the production (project b,c and d).

We have changed the scale and positions of some of the feeds inside the multicam (project a), no problem. Its refreshed troughout all the other projects (project b,c and d).
Now further down the line, we have made a Position change inside in one of the MC feeds (project a) and it wont refresh in the edits anymore of the other projects (project b,c and d). So if we say 'reveal in project' its opens the original project where we have made the adjusment in, and then we can see the change of position, but it will not refresh in the timeline of the other edits. Which till now worked everytime...

Is there a way to somehow refresh the whole project so the other project will pick up the change in the MC's again troughout all the edits? 

And offcourse, project with a big deadline as always .. 🙂

Big thanks in advance,

Bug Unresolved
Editing and playback , Projects or collaboration






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