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My project file that I was editing last night will no longer open! (Keeps freezing at around 68%)

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May 26, 2023 May 26, 2023

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Someone please help me, I am beggnig you... 


I was able to edit it last night, then I went to sleep, woke up, and now it won't open.  I've spent countless hours editing this thing, "Day 16b" is the project file name, because I've spent 16 days editing on it.  Once I open it, it freezes around 68% of loading the project file then it says "(Not Responding)" and then I have to force quit...


The project file is about 10mb!  The video is about 25 minutes, seperated into 3 big sequences with tons of clips.  I cant go into it.... So then I try Day 15, Day 11, Day 10, Day 5!  None of them work, guys....my video files and project files are on an external hard drive.  What's really weird is I have made a new project file that has BARELY and clips in it, and any potato can handle it, but even THAT TOO won't open.  Something is going on...

Only Day 2 works, (Haven't tried Day 3), but essentially... I might have lost EVERYTHING and may have to edit all over again.  What makes this traumatically heart breaking...is that I was 1-2 days away from finishing the edit.  I have a deadline, too..... Please someone...help me...I need a hero...


This is my laptop specs: 

Intel Core i7-8650U CPU @ 1.90GHz 2.1 GHz, 16 GB Ram, 64 Bit Windows 10


I am hoping the reason why it won't load is because my laptop is just trash....And yes, I have been using proxies.



Reset Prefs.

Delete the Media Cache

Reset workspace to default workspace.

Import project into a new file. (That's how I know it keeps freezing at 68%)

Change the RAM in Memory to as high as possible, and then at 8 (as someone reccomended)

I'm using 2 additional monitors with my laptop (3 screens), and even tried to unplug them all so my computer can have less stress.

There nothing to update on premiere.   


I have always looked up to Premiere Pro, still do, I love it, and thought it could handle this project.  But I've learned to play it safe and just make multipe project files to edit each scene... 

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