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open timeline as (source monitor) the timeline desappears + audio meters doesn't work + volume level

New Here ,
Mar 07, 2023 Mar 07, 2023

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I make extreme use of the (source timeline), a feature I loved in Avid, since i always have a lot of clips from the cameramen.


Know, after I update my Premiere Pro to version 23, I found a bug in the system as for when i select a timeline and open it at source monitor and from the source monitor 'open sequence in timeline' it simple desappears.

Then I found that if the sequence is not opened (or has just desappeared) you just re-do the operation and it works fine.


The second bug is that when you play the material in the (source timeline) the audio meters doesn't show the levels, though it is playing ok. if you click on the source monitor while playing, the meters come to life only to stop working if you click back to the timeline panel. The actual audio plays back ok all the time, its just the meters that doenst work.


Already clear the cache, the preferences, tryied the solution found on the forum (solo one track and unsolo it) but nothing works.


I'm not sure if it is a bug but while 'live mixing' in the timeline during playback the audio's volume levels bar doesnst follow the mouse movement, leaving me without reference while performing corrections. When stop playing, the volume level bar jumps to the level i placed it. The same occurs if I mix/change audio levels using the audio clip mixer while playing.


Finding new bugs as I'm writing, Audio Clip Mixer shows only one audio track (audio 1) for the clips that are in a (source monitor) timeline indiferently if it has as many as 8 channels. If I open the clip direclty in the source monitor the ACMixer instantly changes into the correct 8 channels the clip contains. The same behaviour of the audio meters, described before, occurs in this occasion too.


From a prospective of workflow it is far from acceptable and is very annoing.


Any thoughts?




iMac 3,2GHz 8 core intel Xeon W, 32GB ram

MacOS Ventura 13.2.1

Premiere Pro 13.2.0

Blackmagic Ultrastudio 4K for monitoring

Bug Unresolved
Editing and playback , Performance or Stability , Sound , User experience or interface






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