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Opening Premiere Pro projects - assets seem to link correctly but the edits aren't how we left them

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Sep 07, 2023 Sep 07, 2023

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Hi all,


Recently I've been opening up Premiere Pro projects and all assets link correctly, but the selects and timecodes of some video/audio clips inside the timeline have randomised. Some pieces of footage/audio appear black in the timeline with a diagonal line pattern on them (like below). Some of these projects are several months old, and some of them are brand new...


This is just one example where the audio file is linked correctly and it is 'enabled' - but I still can't hear it. It's happening with pieces of footage as well. 


Adobe seemed to think that it was because our files are all saved on a network server - but we've been using the same network server for 12 years and we've never experienced this problem before. They then also suggested to save our projects on the desktop - which just isn't a solution for an agency that needs to share PP Projects amongst editors. 


I've tried reinstalling previous versions of Premiere Pro and Beta versions, and the project opens up with the exact same issues. Auto save files are presenting similar problems. 


I've also updated our Graphics Cards and that hasn't resolved the issue either. 


Adobe came to the conclusion that the projects are probably just corrupt - but I'm hoping this isn't the case and that someone might be able to help. Some of these projects are ongoing client jobs that we can't afford to restart! 


If anyone has any suggestions that could help, that would be greatly appreciated. 





Bug Unresolved
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