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Performance issues with premiere 23.2.0 (build 69) on 2019 iMac

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Mar 08, 2023 Mar 08, 2023

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Since installing the latest update (23.2) my computer has been constantly overheating while premeire is open; there are major frame rate drops when playing HD footage, sometimes it just freezes for 20-30 seconds at a time, audio tracks will temporarily cut out at random times, scrubbing 1080p video or audio (even in the source monitor) will often cause jitter, lag or a crash, and worst of all, sometimes when I click the timeline workspace, the mouse cursor will glitch through the window and get stuck/hidden behind it until I restart my computer... I'm almost afraid to touch it at this point, and I can't revert to an older version because I opened my projects in the new version and I have deadlines to meet.

I'm using a 2019 iMac
MacOS Monterey v12.6
6-Core Intel Core i7
32GB memory
Graphics: Radeon Pro Vega 20 4 GB
512GB SSD (nearly 300GB of free space)
I'm using 2 video and 2 audio track layers of 1080p footage and some mp3 and wav audio...

...but judging by the sheer amount of similar complaints I'm seeing, I don't think my footage or specs are the problem as older versions used to work fine. This is by far and above the worst update I've ever seen. I'm going to miss so many work deadlines this month because of the constant need to restart my computer and re-do work and there's nothing I can do about it but make excuses on behalf of Adobe... This is not worth the monthly subscription fee I'm paying and I will be switching to davinci resolve as soon as I finish this project because I can't keep working like this. It's not fair. It's too unreliable.


[Moderator note: title changed for clarity in getting a response.]

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Performance or Stability , User experience or interface






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