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Premiere acting sluggish when I try to move footage in Program Monitor

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Feb 02, 2024 Feb 02, 2024

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So I am editing a video with a lot of digital zoom ins, and typically the way I prefer to do this is by doing the following:


1. Select the footage in the timeline

2. Select Motion in the Effect Controls

3. Freely move the footage in Program Monitor


I have never had issues doing this before, but now after updating to the newest version of Premiere Pro, moving something around like this is a very slow and sluggish experience. The way it moves is like a slideshow when I drag it around Program Monitor.

I tried doing this with a simple 500x500 PNG image with nothing else on the timeline as a test to see if maybe the footage was causing it, but the same thing happened.

If I do scaling and positioning via adjusting their values in Effects Controls without selecting Motion, I don't have this problem, it adjusts very smoothly. But the moment I have Motion selected, it doesn't matter how I scale or position the footage, it's extremely laggy again.

Granted I could just do what I need to do by not selecting Motion, but it's really inconvenient to have to adjust the values rather than just click and drag the footage to where I want it. It's a lot more clicks to do it that way versus selecting Motion and just dragging it around in Program Monitor.

I do have plugins installed, mainly Premiere Composer from Mister Horse, and AEJuice. Neither of which is being used in this project at all.

I do have proxies on the footage (which is 60 frames per second). The proxies are in 720p, GPU acceleration is on with CUDA, my previews are set to display with Apple ProRes 422 LT, media cache is cleared, and 12gb of memory is reserved for other software. I'm still really mindboggled by this, and do not understand what could be causing it, though I have no doubt there may be something that I am missing.

Any help is appreciated.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7950X, 16-core, 5ghz+
RAM: 64gb DDR5, 6000mhz
OS: Windows 11 Pro 64-bit
Storage: Samsung 990 Pro SSD, 2TB, M.2
x2 Samsung 870 EVO SSD, 4TB, SATA

Bug Unresolved
Editing and playback , Performance or Stability , User experience or interface






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