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Premiere Pro 23.5.0 Build 56: Three Marker Related Bugs

Community Beginner ,
Jun 26, 2023 Jun 26, 2023

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I am experiencing the following issues in Premiere Pro 23.5.0


Bug #1:

When editing markers to add a marker Name and Duration, about 50% of the time after hitting Enter or clicking OK, the changes will not take effect. 

Expected Result: Name and Duration added to Marker

Actual Result: No Changes Made, original Marker with no name or duration remains


Bug #2: Sometimes when Undoing last action, if my last action was creating or editing a marker, those changes will not be undone, but the last action before I changed the marker will instead by undone. 


Action 1: Move Clip

Action 2: Make Edit

Action 3: Add Marker to Clip

Action 4: Edit Marker

Action 5: Undo

Action 6: Undo


Expected Results:

Action 5: Undo -- Undo Edit Marker

Action 6: Undo -- Undo Add Marker to Clip

Actual Results:

Action 5: Undo -- Undo Make Edit

Action 6: Undo -- Undo Move Clip


Bug #3:

When in the marker Panel, if I change the start or end timecode of a marker, sometimes there will be no effect unless I change timeline panels and return to the timeline panel that I was trying to make the change in.


1. Open timeline

2. Click Marker Window Panel

3. Click and drag start or end timecode for any selected marker to shorten or lengthen the duration of the marker

Expected Result: Duration of marker on (timecode) in Marker window adjusts to the new start or end timecoe, and visually the marker on the clip in the timeline adjusts to the new duration of the marker.

Actual Result: No change to duration of marker. 



My Computer Specs--

2022 Mac Studio 128 GB

Operating System: Mac OS Ventura Version 13.0

Chip: Apple M1 Ultra

Bug Unresolved
Editing and playback






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