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Premiere Pro 23.5: Performance Regression When App Starts Without Plugin Cache

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Jul 07, 2023 Jul 07, 2023

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When starting Premiere Pro 23.5, the app will take an inordinate amount of time (many minutes!) to load third-party plug-ins and create its plug-in cache, giving users the impression that the app has become unresponsive where in reality the process has just become unbearably slow.


To reproduce with our software:

1) Install the most recent version of FxFactory (Mac only):


Install a few products for Premiere, at least the default FxFactory Pro and Photo Montage plugins to test.


2) Make sure Premiere Pro is starting with no plug-in cache. If necessary, delete the following file to force the app to rebuild its cache:

~/Library/Preferences/com.Adobe.Premiere Pro.23.0.plist

(ignore the fact that there is a 23.5.plist file too... it looks like Premiere Pro 23.5 is using the above file for the purpose of caching plugin info.)


3) Launch Premiere Pro


4) The app will reach the point where it loads the "FxFactory.plugin" bundle, and remain there anywhere between 2 and 10 minutes, depending on the system used and how many plugins you have. macOS will report the app as unresponsive (no surprise there) but if you are patient enough, the app will eventually start and create its plug-in cache. Subsequent restarts are fast.


It is particularly jarring that performance should be so poor: we went through the trouble of adoping the most recent APIs for dynamic loading and registration of plugins, via PluginDataEntryFunction and xGPUFilterEntry. Performance is even worse if we switch our software to its old method: installing hundreds of plug-ins as separate entities on disk, as we did pre-Premiere Pro 22 when dynamic plugin registration was added.


It would be great to know if we can do something on our end, or if a fix must come from the Premiere side only. Either way, this is a big issue for third-party plug-in users, and a real shame considering that once the app is running, performance of previews and renders is frequently the best of all video apps we support.


Bug Unresolved
Interoperability or 3rd party tools






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