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Premiere Pro English shortcuts not working on Korean typing mode

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May 24, 2023 May 24, 2023

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The problem is English shortcuts are no longer working on Korean typing mode. While editing, Korean (or non-English language based) editors need to change typing mode from English to Korean (or their own language). Whatever typing mode is on, the editors still need to use English shortcuts every second for efficient and speedy workflow. 


I have been using Premiere Pro from 2019 to 2021 on MacOS at work. With these versions, even when the typing mode is Korean, I can still use English shortcuts without need to change the typing mode to Englsih every time before using shortcuts. With a recent system upgrade, now I use Premiere Pro 2023 on M1 Mac Studio - MacOS Monterey. As soon as I started my first job with Premiere Pro 2023, I realized Premire Pro 2023 didn't work in the same way as the previous verison that I used.  I tested and found English shortcuts worked on Korean typing mode until Premiere Pro 22.3 version and from 22.6 or later version English shortcuts do not work on Korean typing mode at all. 


The combination of my M1 MacStudio - MacOS Monterey and Premiere Pro 22.3 (preious version that I used) shows faulty video while playing on timeline which affects the quality of exported clips. So, there isn't any option for me other than Premiere Pro 2023. Every time before I use English shortcuts, I have to check if I am on English typing mode. If I am on Korean typing mode, I have to change it to Enlgish. While doing so, I feel English shortcuts are not shortcuts any more.  I am thinking of moving to other NLE program if this bug is not cleared very soon. I think I cannot constantly check and change the typing mode all the time any more while editing. 


I want the Adobe team to remove Ko (Korean) option from the list of Keyboard shortcuts if it can be a workaround. Korean shortcuts are not necessary because Korean editors use Enlgish shortcuts only. Please imagine that you cannot use "I" to set in point and "O" to set out point at all if the typing mode is Korean. To set in point, you first need to check the typing mode and change it to English and press I. Please imagine you repeat this process for all shortcuts. It is deadly tiring and time-wasting process.


I ask the Adobe team to take an action urgnetly. Otherwise, Many in South Korea will leave Premiere Pro behind. 


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