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Premiere Pro Export Skipping and Duplicating Frames on Specific Shots

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Apr 23, 2024 Apr 23, 2024

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Using Premiere Pro 24.3 (no pluins installed) on Windows 11 Pro with a Ryzen 9 7950X3D and a RTX 2080 Ti, I have been attempting to render a feature film into Pro Res 422 HQ. The film contains Pro Res Raw clips (data of about 2TB total) with some effects (mostly color, blur, time remapping, stabilization, cropping) applied to the clips either directly or through adjustment layers - along with a simple sound mix (10-15 audio tracks). Since I have encountered errors in exporting the entire film in a single sequence, I have been rendering the film in small 2-5 minute sequences (without any subsequences or nested sequences within them).  Since I have also encountered errors when exporting without first rendering preview files within premiere, I have been rendering each sequence within premiere first and then exporting using Media Encoder. 


Using this method, most of each sequence is exported without any noticable issues. Nevertheless, for certain shots within these sequences, the exported Pro Res 422 HQ videos contain the following error. Every few frames, a frame is duplicated (or triplicated) and then a few frames later one or more frames is skipped over - resulting in the appearance of choppy motion. I have noticed this by reimporting the Pro Res 422 HQ videos into Premiere and examining them frame by frame.


I have exported these specific shots (those that contain this error) individually and as a part of larger sequences many times (by re-rendering the video preview in premiere and then exporting a Pro Res 422 HQ file through Media Encoder), and I continually find the same problem. The only difference is that for each exported file the repeated and skipped frames are different (this seems to occur randomly), so I have been able to - by going frame by frame and cutting together numerous exported Pro Res 422 videos of the same shot - join together the non-erroneous parts of the various exports together in Premiere. However, this is extremely time consuming and laborious, so I am really hoping to find a way to export these shots without this error.


The shots for which I am having this problem have very little in common. They are not especially complex in particular any way, and every effect applied to them is also applied to other shots for which this problem is not occuring. Sometimes the shots for which this is happening have very few effects applied.


I have rendered out the film (using this method) in the past, and although I did have this problem, I found that - if I pre-rendered and then exported each shot enough times - I could eventually get an export of each shot without any duplicated or skipped frames. Now, I am pre-rendering and exporting these shots dozens of times and each file contains almost constant duplicated and skipped frames. 


I would greatly appreciate it if anyone had an idea about how to fix this problem - and I am glad to offer any additional information that may be helpful to solving it!

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