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Premiere Pro Sequence Export With Media Encoder Produces Progressive Footage

Community Beginner ,
Dec 07, 2023 Dec 07, 2023

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  • Issue - Taking an interlaced sequence containing interlaced footage in Premiere Pro to the Export page and using the "Send To Media Encoder" creates an output file that - while flagged as interlaced - actually looks progressive (motion is not smooth).
  • Adobe Premiere Pro version number: 24.0.3 (build 2). This has been noticed on earlier versions of the software.
  • Operating system - MacOSX 14.1.2 (this bug has been noticed on ealier OSX)
  • System Info: CPU, GPU, RAM, HD:
    • Apple M1 

    • built in to Apple M1 running Metal 3

    • 64Gb

    • 2TB internal, rendering to 16TB thunderbolt G-Raid drive.

  • Video format: Incoming camera codec is 1080i DNxHD SQ 8-bit. Output file is ProResHQ 1080i25.
  • Workflow details: The cameras are sometimes grouped but this doesn't make a difference. When exporting from the source monitor, the resultant fields are correct. The happens when exporting from an edited sequence.
  • Steps to reproduce - Edit 1080i DNxHD SQ 8-bit footage on to 1080i25 (square pixels, upper-field first). Having selected sequence then go to Export page, using either a saved preset or manually reslecting ProRes 422HQ, frame rate 25fps, field order is upper first, square pixels, Nits to 100 or 203, colour space REC709, Depth 8bpc, time interpolation is blending, and all 'max quality' render options are on, click 'Send to Media Encoder'. Press start on ME. Re-import into same project.
  • Expected result - Output should look interlaced when re-imported and viewed on EBU monitor just as the original source does.
  • Actual result - footage looks progressive but Properies page will claim it's interlaced.
Bug Unresolved
Editing and playback , Export






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