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Premiere Pro stalls opening projects in productions if the media is offline

Community Beginner ,
Feb 13, 2023 Feb 13, 2023

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I am using Premiere Pro 2023 productions on Windows 11 and whenever I try to open a new project file it starts to open the project file and the status bar goes to about 75% before stalling. I tried giving it time to let it open overnight and it was still stuck at 75% the next morning. The only solution that I was able to find after troubleshooting this problem is opening the project file first on my Macbook Pro (which will open the project file) and then once I have it opened on my Macbook Pro I'll make sure that all the media is offline, then save the project, then I can open it up in Premiere on my PC. It seems to be that when I work on any Mac computer the media is linked using the volumes/drive name/Media Location but when I am working on my PC it is linking the media using the NAS IP address/drive name/Media Location, which means that the it considers the media to be offline, and then stalls instead of opening the project with the offline media window. Only if all of the media in the project file is offline when saved will it open in Premiere Pro. 


Computer Tech Specs:

Ryzen 3800X - 2060 Super - 64gb RAM - NVME for cache - QNAP for media storage (RAID 6 config connected with 10gig port) averages 600 MB/s read and write speeds.

Bug Unresolved
Performance or Stability , Projects or collaboration






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