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Premiere Pro unresponsive when accessing settings

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Feb 18, 2023 Feb 18, 2023

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Hello, I've had a lot of issues with Premiere.
Originally, I had been using Premiere 2019 for the longest time and was fine. In recent months, I upgraded to 2020, then 2022. It was fine for a long while, then about a few months into 2020, I started SOMETIMES having this issue where after editing a video, clicking "File" to go to export would make the editor unresponsive. I tried waiting 20-40 minutes, nothing, it was dead. Only option to either force-crash it or use task manager to close it, then re-open. And yes, this would happen only sometimes in 2020, then 2022. Cut to now, I had thought that upgrading from 2020/2022 would fix the crashing or freezing issue.
But no, it got worse. Now, in 2023.0 (or 2023.1+) I am fully unable to click "File" when I have a project open. It just immediately freezes. Additionally, if I go to "Edit > Preferences..." clicking anything in the sub-menu also creates the same issue of Premiere going unresponsive indefinitely.

I found online that some people had issues with the "DV Device" setting being set to something automatically, and it could cause the "File" menu to lag or delay and take forever, but if that's the problem here, I can't even open settings to check, it just dies when I try.
Also people have had issues with instability regarding certain NVIDIA driver components like the NVIDIA Studio drivers, since v526.98+ ...

There are a myriad of problems that have cascaded from this simple issue. I can no longer enable/disable GPU acceleration, meaning I am now limited in editor effects and such I can use, I can't change ANY settings inside Premiere, I cannot ever click "File" or "Preferences" with projects open unless I want my editor to crash and potentially lose progress.
I've been pulling my eyes out over this and I legit have a fear of clicking "File" in adobe apps now, I work in video production and music and I have repeatedly hesitated to click "File" in Audition/Photoshop now because I am that scared of losing progress, even when this issue is only with Premiere.

Here's my PC info:
Windows 10 Home (64bit) 22H2 (19045.2604)
Intel i7-10700F
32GBs of RAM
NVIDIA RTX 2060 (driver version 528.49)
I have Premiere on my OS drive which is an NVMe SSD
1080p 144hz Microstep MSI G272 monitor (via HDMI)

Here are the things I've done in a futile attempt to fix this issue:
1. Reinstalled Premiere countless times, before and after many of the below steps
2. Updated, rolled back and then re-installed latest GPU drivers from NVIDIA
3. Updated, rolled back Windows, then updated again
4. Used Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to fully remove all software related to Adobe and/or Premiere Pro
5. Manually delete peak files, media cache, PTX, ect, since I cannot do it from within Premiere
6. Deleted all Adobe/Premiere Pro-related appdata and OS (program files) folders
7. Started a fresh install of Creative Cloud and Premiere (latest version released just 2 days ago!) and launched holding ALT to reset preferences
8. Restarted my PC multiple times throughout all of it
9. Deleted any unused camera devices in device manager to see if it was crashing Premiere
10. Made sure all Adobe services were not disabled/corrupted and able to run properly alongside Premiere
11. Made sure PC isn't overheating, malfunctioning/ect
12. Uninstalled and reinstalled all video codec-related software
13. Ensured hosts file wasn't messing anything up
14. Enabled/disabled various settings driver-side with NVIDIA control panel for Premiere
15. Disabled NVIDIA overlay, image scaling enhancements, ect
16. Manually deleted all folders, settings, preferences, presets, VSTs and anything custom I use within Premiere

The ONLY things I have not done is refresh/reinstall windows and clear/edit the registry, because I have a lot of software installed that I cannot afford to just have to go through and reinstall/reactivate/ect. I can't seem to find any info on this whatsoever online, so.. if anyone knows anything, please please please help. This has been driving me mad. I can edit and work around this, but I am limited because of it and it is rather annoying.
Thank you for your time/patience!

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