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Preview Screen is Showing Incorrect Size when Playing Preview (but not when paused)

New Here ,
May 05, 2024 May 05, 2024

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While editing there is a bug that happens at times where, without me changing anything, the size of a layer blows up to a huge size while previewing and only reverts to the actual size it will be in the final export if I pause the playback. This happens seemingly at random when I add a couple of effects to some layer and it's inconsistent as to what effects will cause it. Sometimes it's just a PNG with a cool sliding keyframe animation and sometimes it's a set of video layers not liking that I used the Vertical Flip effect on the bottom layer of the effects panel. I can sometimes fix it by reordering my effects layers, but it is annoying because it doesn't always work and there is seemingly no way for me to fix it consistently.


Clearing the media cache does nothing for it, and a lot of other basic solutions don't work (Like restarting and reinstalling). I've also noticed that rendering usually fixes it for that session (since I usually make a separate sequence for the green screen) but it is annoying to have to wait 40 additional minutes for a render to complete just to need to edit a part of the source or need to split the sessions and the whole thing gets "unrendered" and the problem starts again. I am fairly new, so in all likelihood I am missing something but I just don't know what or what I should look for in the first place. Does anyone else have this issue or is this something that's been fixed ages ago?

Bug Unresolved
Editing and playback , Effects , Graphics , User experience or interface






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