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Project layout resets each time Premiere is opened

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Sep 21, 2023 Sep 21, 2023

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I'm having an ongoing issue with Premiere and its function with layouts. Specifically each time I open and close Premiere.


When I reopen my project the bins and layout have changed into a completely different setup from how I left it. Sometimes selecting "Reset to Saved Layout" will get the layout close to the way I use it. But its not a certain fix by any means.   


To further annoyance -- if I just used one bin and open folders within said bin, Premiere always closes all the folders each time I open/close the project. 


For awhile I believed this must be tied to my preferences / settings (it still might be). And so you trash your prefs and start again. But the issue still persists. Usually I try once per major software update to see if the chain has been broken, but each time Premiere reverts to its old ways. So I give up and just reopen my bins everyday... 


For the record, I've been cutting with Premiere since the big changes of 2012. I believe this issue first cropped up in 2018/2019 and has since been a regular issue... 


I've encountered this issue on at least 3 personal Mac's. As well as every random Mac's I've used at trailer houses in Hollywood. And I've met plenty of editors in the business who also have this issue. 


So is this a known issue? Am I the only one having problems?

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