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Projects with multitrack audio suddenly encounter dropped audio then use wrong track on export

Explorer ,
Aug 23, 2023 Aug 23, 2023

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For the 2nd time in a couple of months, projects with multitrack audio that play fine in the preview - and then suddenly have issues with exports. First export has audio just breaking midway through. After clearing media cache, future exports strangely use the wrong track. 

In my latest case, a video I exported (4k to an MP4 for Youtube) - 15 minutes into the video the audio is fine, then all audio crackles then stops. Rest of the video has no audio. 


I then tried using the Remove Media Cache Files and restarting to see if that would fix it. 


After waiting for the many waveforms in the project to rebuild, I tried another export - and while it again played perfectly in the preview, the export used a completely different track for all audio. I wanted to export Track 1 only and muted tracks 2 through 6. After exporting, Track 1 audio from the source media was replaced by video from Track 5. The exception was audio I recorded directly with a microphone via Premiere into Track 1. Strange.

The project itself has many large files with proxies attached, along with many sequences. I generally try to use one project per month for about 50-60 sequences. Not sure if that has an impact. 

Other observations are that if I try to export the multitrack audio - it works correctly - I get only the Track I left unmuted.  After using the Razor tool and moving a small portion to the start of the sequence it breaks the audio.

The first time this happened a while back, I was pretty desparate to get the video out, so I manually deleleted all the CFA & PEK files, started a new project, and just redid my edits - which weren't huge, but did involve moving around small portions of the video. 

Kind of lost on this one. 

ver 23.6.0 (buid 65)
Windows 10

Bug Unresolved






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