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Proxies slower than HEVC files (Mac) bug

Community Beginner ,
Aug 20, 2023 Aug 20, 2023

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Original files: HEVC ±15fps 3840x2160

Proxies: ProRes 422 LT 1920x1080


Go to the Icon View in the project window:

Hover scrub HEVC: a few spinning beach ball, but after ±7 seconds hover scrub works
Hover scrub proxy: A much shorter spinning beach ball, after that, scrub does not work, after ± 10 seconds a few other frames are shown while scrubbing, after another ± 10 even more frames are shown, etc., leaving the question if you have seen all frames.

HEVC being faster than a proxy is definitely a bug, unless I am missing something...


The extra time and leaving you in doubt if you've seen all frames, makes using proxies useless.

This also makes Premiere Pro sort of unusable with 1400 files to edit...

1400 x7 seconds = 9800 seconds = ±3 hours waiting for spinning beach balls to disappear.


Both HEVC and Proxies are on the same disk (ThunderBolt 3 7200 RPM).

Quick preview (selecting the file in the Finder and pressing Spacebar) works without spinning beach balls playing original and proxy files.

Bug Unresolved
Editing and playback , Performance or Stability






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