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"Selection Follows Playhead" giving me transition issues in Premiere 2024

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Oct 26, 2023 Oct 26, 2023

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Hi all - I've had "Selection follows playhead" turned on for years, but now it's preventing me from adding cross dissolves on cuts between clips.

Normally I advance to the next cut using the down arrow key, hit Ctrl+D, and it adds a dissolve to that cut.

But now I have to first deselect the clip at my playhead (which automatically gets selected because "Selection follows playhead" is on), then hit Ctrl+D for the shortcut.

This is super clunky. Is there a way to change the behavior of my default transition so that it applies to cuts at the playhead like it used to? Or do I need to turn off "Selection follows playhead"? It took me a while to get used to it in the first place so I'd prefer not to if I can help it.

I'm on Windows 10 Enterprise if that matters.

Bug Unresolved
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