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Razor Tool and Clip Reset Adobe Premiere

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Jun 14, 2023 Jun 14, 2023

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 I have a few audio clips in Adobe Premiere, and I've used the razor tool to trim them to shorten them. For example, I have a sentence that reads:

Hi, my name is Mark, and I live on Earth.


In this clip, there might be a long gap between the words Hi and My, so to shorten the gap, I used the razor tool to cut the clip and bring them closer together; this seems to work fine.


However, when I have reopened the file, rather than two clips playing like:

Hi, my name is...


It's playing like:

Hi Hi, my name is.


Rather than the clip playing from where I trimmed it, it has started the audio track from the beginning. Is there a way to permanently lock a click after using the razor tool so this does not happen?

Bug Unresolved
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