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Smart render, export and other errors in Premiere Pro 23.X

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Jul 05, 2023 Jul 05, 2023

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Since they introduced version 2023, Premierer Pro has regressed considerably in stability and reliability. With each project, complex or not, new flaws appear. And the questions asked by the attendants seem like a bad joke.

I have a DELL 5511 notebook, with 32 RAM and an extra 1TB HDD. Nvidia 3060 Video Card. Windows 11 and Premiere Pro 23.5.

I work with the Proxy and audio files on the internal HD ssd m.2, in addition to projects, previews and etc...

The recurring errors are:

1- The timeline render often loses the link with the project. I have to always redo the render each time I open the project. Either I do all or part of it, but this error rarely happens. When there is a possibility of relink, which seems to want to, it doesn't work either. Always the names of the searched files do not match the names of the files in the folder where the render is.

2- Even if you don't lose contact, often the smart render doesn't work. It doesn't matter the procedure. Something that was supposed to be reopened and exported sometimes needs to be redone, losing productivity and generating losses.

3- Projects have been corrupted with a frightening frequency and generate various types of errors. These are errors that do not show any message:

a- The opacity control with Keyframe hangs and only goes from 0 to 100. There it comes back when I click where I create a new keyframe.
b- Multicam gives an error with infinite play.
c- The image from a camera on the multicam disappears and everything is black. And in the source timeline the image is there.
d- Smart render exports only the black video and audio, even with the green timeline.

Those are just a few of the glitches and I can bet others have had the same glitches or new ones. It is unbelievable that already overcome mistakes return. It's disheartening!


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