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Timeline auto zooming-in whenever dragging in timeline

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Dec 11, 2023 Dec 11, 2023

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This is the second time I've experienced this bug with Pr, and I have experienced it across 3 different versions, V22, V23, and V24.  I have a Mac Studio M1 Max currently running Ventura 13.5.1


The problematic behavior occurs when I click and drag a clip within the timeline, or when I drag something to be on the timeline, could be anything, a clip/graphic or just an modifying effect to place on a clip. When I click then drag (in whatever mode) the timeline zooms in one setting and will keep doing so indefinitely until it hits max. 


This behavior starts out of the blue and nothing noticeably preceeds it. Clearing cache, resetting presets, resetting workspace all have no effect. This latest time the glitch started in V24 so I uninstalled that and rolled back to V23, the problem remains in the rolled back version. The issue is persistent across different projects and media, it remains whether I make a brand new project or open one that I had made prior to the bug starting, but thankfully it is confined to the computer, when I move one of the projects to my laptop and open in Pr the bug is not present and the file can be edited normally.


This bug causes significant errors in alignment and clipping of video and increases editing time horrendously. I can only manage the most basic of edits with this bug, I'm talking one, maybe two cuts total, after that I cannot use this computer to edit. 


Bug Unresolved
Editing and playback , Performance or Stability , User experience or interface






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