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Timeline performance degraded after latest update

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Jun 23, 2023 Jun 23, 2023

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I'm on version 23.5.0 Build 56. According to the cloud desktop app, it was updated yesterday.


Now I notice terrible timeline performance, such as the playhead not moving during playback for seconds at a time, a delay in zooming in on the timeline when pressing my zoom hotkey, and lag in the timeline moving when using the mouse scrollwheel.

The lag is not consistent, but it happens very regularly, like 60% of the time I do any kind of zoom or moving the timeline head, and constantly during playback. The playback of the video itself in the Program Monitor window does not seem to be affected.


I'm on the Windows 11 Release Preview build (Version 22621.1926), not sure if that has anything to do with it. 


I also noticed at a certain zoom level, two adjacent clips with audio now look like there is a small gap between the audio tracks where there is not. I will attach a zoomed-in screenshot to show what I mean. This coincidence in particular sort of suggests to me that some changes may have been done to the timeline in the new update that also affected peformance.


Some Specs:

CPU: Intel i9 13900KS

GPU: Nvidia 4090 & Nvidia 3090

RAM: 128GB DDR5 @ 4400 MHz


Update: I reverted to 23.4.0 and it works fine, so the problem is definitely with 23.5




I discovered the problem. Turns out the problem was another software running on my computer called DisplayFusion, which is meant to add features related to having multiple monitors.


I noticed that the stuttering in premiere seemed periodic. Then I watched the timecode and noticed it was stuttering literally every 90 frames exactly, every time. Suspecting another program could be doing something every 1.5 seconds that caused it to stall, I started stopping processes, and sure enough after closing DisplayFusion everything was fine. Eventually I figured out that DisplayFusion's taskbar polling operation happens every 1500 milliseconds, which surely caused the issue. (It has a feature for creating and managing a second taskbar on secondary monitors). There have been posts on their forum about high CPU usage that was also narrowed down to the taskbar feature. And this is the second time I had DisplayFusion causing issues - the previous time was a certain video game. 


So that's that.

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