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Ultra Key: Values in EC panel revert to previous state when a clip in the timeline is deselected

Explorer ,
Feb 27, 2024 Feb 27, 2024

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I will be working on keying out a green screen and get a clip to where I am happy with it. Then I will go back to my timeline and click on something else, and bam, my Ultra Key paramaters will have reverted to some previous value that I had tested out while I was dialing things in. This will happen EVEN if I save immediately prior to deselecting the clip in the timeline. I have to make a mental note of all the values I chose or jot them down before I move on. In this screen capture you can watch the "pedestal" value change from 50 to 90. 

I have two different 2021 16" MPB M1 laptops and this happens on both of them. I have been putting up with it for at least a year but I think closer to 2-3 years. It might have even been happening when I was on my 2014 15" MBP, I can't remember for sure. It took me a long time to figure out what would trigger the bug and then a while before I caught it in action. It definitely happens a LOT when I am changing the parameters of the Ultra Key effect. I am not sure if it has happened with other effects as well. 


This has been an infuriating bug but I have been living with it for a long time! Someone please save me from my misery! 

Bug Unresolved
Effects , Performance or Stability






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