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Video lagging/choppy in Premiere Pro

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Feb 06, 2024 Feb 06, 2024

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Hey all, have posted about this before but wanting to post again to try and get this fixed. For reference 

I've been using Premiere Pro on my new laptop and whenever I import a video into the timeline it starts off very laggy/choppy before playing normally. Doesn't matter what video I use or what project, it always happens. Also happens when I just play the video as a preview in the left panel without putting it on my timeline for editing.

I have cleared media cache, closed programs to make sure Premiere Pro has all the bandwidth but no matter what it always does it. I have also played the video files in other players and they play fine, and I have also used the same video files on Premiere Pro on a different computer and it works fine. I also just updated my NVIDIA drivers as well.

Quite frustrating to constantly have to watch through videos to get through the choppy part to edit, as well as when it comes to creating captions.

To clarify on another comment asked to me:


- The files are on my internal laptop drive

- It was enabled, but the same issue happened when I disabled it

- The video I used as an example was an iPhone video, a .mov. But it seems to happen with any video I use. I recently edited a Zoom recording which was a .mp4 video and it does the same thing. I converted it to a ProRes file as suggested by someone and it didn't fix it.


Below is a video with a screen recording of the issue. If somebody can possibly assist here it would be great as this is doing my head in and can't seem to find a solution or work around.


Bug Unresolved
Editing and playback






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