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When opening on another machine premiere changes edit points of all edits to start at 00:00

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Apr 20, 2023 Apr 20, 2023

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I have had this happen to a project i'm working on, when opening up my premiere project on another machine edits to a voiceover track and Music track were all there but there start points all seemed to be 00:00 causing the VO to repeat itself instead of playing as it should.


an example of what this looks like from the users end is say the VO file said "hi there my name is chris, it's nice to meet you"


and my edit has an edit point after the word 'chris' and before the word 'it's' to widen the gap.


when opened on another machine the vo would then say: "hi there my name is chris, hi there my name is chris" 

Hope that makes sense. 

i haven't seen this happen on video footage yet only audio

im on M1 mac and running the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro which is 23.3 and i'm opening up on another M1 Mac.


a work around i've currently found is exporting an EDL and importing that into the other machine, but this is still a headache. 

i've attached the files this has happened to you can see the audio includes what the music should sound like plus how it edited

Thanks for any help on another workaround or support for this to be fixed soon.

Bug Unresolved
Editing and playback , Import and ingest , Sound






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