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Why does "New Sequence from Clip" SORT SO WEIRDLY?

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Mar 24, 2023 Mar 24, 2023

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Very puzzling here. Premiere 2022 of some flavor.


As a part of my process, I like to "string  out" groups of clips shot together, just to see what they did on shoot days.


These clips are sequentially named/numbered. I sort them by name (and can confirm that in the bin they're sorted correctly, first to last); I lasso all the clips and right click "New Sequence from Clip"; I have a new sequence with the clips arranged from first to last, no?




I have a weird jumbled sequence, with clips placed in a somewhat-sorted order. The first, say, 20 clips are sorted correctly, but after that, they're sorted in backwards groups of threes, eg, aafter clip 500, the next three clips are 503, THEN 502, THEN 501. The next group would be 506, 505, and 504, then 509-508-507, and so on. UNTIL the last 5 clips (at least in this particular sequence), they're sorted correctly again!


I've been experiencing this behavior for quite some time now. At first, I thought I was sorting or selecting improperly. My understanding of the "New Sequence from Clip" command is that it sorts in selection order. Am I wrong?


As you might imagine, manually sorting the sequence into the proper order is not something I enjoy doing, and quickly becomes quite counterproductive when you have 250+ mis-sorted clips in a timeline.


Anyone else see this?

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