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Wow, Very Very, very! strange behavior (audio issues - premiere 23.5)

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Jul 25, 2023 Jul 25, 2023

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I've just completed a project where I had a sound that would not play at times, at times it had a buzzing sound and at times it plays 100% correctly. I rendered and rendered audio and still had issues! I ended up exporting just sound (sometimes had to export 3/4 times to get rid of the buzz)  for those sections and putting it on the timeline and muting the master sound. I had to keep the master so that the final mix has the source and could fix what needs to be fixed. 


I just also encountered a problem with .mts files in another project. I have proxies and with every cut I make I have a 45sec program freeze. I transcoded to .mxf and had the same issue. I downgraded to 23.0 and all look to be working fine now.


Would love to see if I have the same audio issues with the project above in 23.0 (sadly had to delete it to make space for a new project).


I/we spend so much money on Adobe and to be bogged down by reliability issues and not being able to pinpoint the issue is sad. I spent almost 3hours trying to clear cash, proxies, transcoding and replacing media and finding out it was the reliability of the software.

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