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Jun 07, 2022 Jun 07, 2022

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Hello there,

i am dipping my toes into VR/360 editing and am encountering an issue.

Basically, my video is a virtual walkthrough/different 360° clips filmed with an Intsta360 One X2. There is no camera movement/all clips are filmed with a fixed position.

I'd like to fade to black after each clip and show titles (using the plane to sphere effect) like e.g. "Main office area" and then cut to the corresponding footage. However, if the viewer is looking at a certain angle, the text is simply out of view as the current viewpoint seems to be carried over to the next bit of footage on the timeline. In this case to the titles.


I saw a video where similar description/title sections where restricted to 180° view so the viewer was always able to read them. After the cut, the field of view was restored to 360°.


How can I accomplish this? I hope i was able to explain it well, feel free to ask if there is something confusing.


Thank you very much in advance!

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