360 video editing - seeing double images when using 'VR Projection' effect

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Jul 04, 2022 Jul 04, 2022

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I put 'VR Projection' effect on a 360 clip I recorded with my GoPro Max. The projection works normally with VR Video enabled in the wrench settings, but when this is off, I am seeing double images in the display, one above the other. Could this be a glitch? Or am I missing something?


I did try changing the settings of the 'VR Projection' effect to 'monoscopic' (which makes more sense, since the GoPro Max is monoscopic), however then the VR Video mode projection becomes very distant and out of whack..


It's not so much an issue when exporting the video because it works fine if I remove 'VR Projection'. However I am attempting to remove a tripod in Photoshop so when I import the screenshot out of Premiere, it is this double image without correct proportions. 


I watched a tutorial which suggested 'GoPro VR Reframe' effect to improve GoPro Max 360 footage within Premiere. But I can only find the 'GoPro Reframe' effects to download. Does anyone know anything about this by any chance?


Apologies for the overload and I hope it makes sense..it's a bit tricky to explain on here.





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